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Survey season!

You may have noticed that at around this time of year, lots of researchers are looking for participants on Twitter! Part of the reason for this is because Masters students are looking for people to help them with their dissertation research. Studying the Autism Research MSc means that students get to investigate a topic of interest to them, under the supervision of an academic member of staff. 

The following projects are currently looking for participants, and all have received ethical approval from the University of Stirling. Most surveys take between 15 to 30 minutes to do. 

Focused Interests, Wellbeing and Museum Experience in Autistic and Non-autistic Adults

Sarah Dantas is looking for autistic and non-autistic people to complete an online survey that involves questions about focused interests, wellbeing, and experiences in art galleries and/or museums. This survey is open to anyone who is aged over 18 and lives in the UK.

You can take part here.

What is the relationship between masking and making sense of identity?

Ammaar Amjad is looking for autistic people to complete his survey about experiences of masking (or camouflaging) and how this relates to identity (sense of who you are). The survey is open to autistic people aged over 18. 

You can take part here.

Knowledge, Attitudes and Openness towards Autistic Athletes within Athletics Coaches in the United Kingdom

Emily Greenan is looking for athletics coaches in the UK to do her survey about their knowledge, attitudes and openness towards autistic athletes. You can take part if you are an active coaching member at an athletics club within the United Kingdom, or you are involved in a club committee in a non–coaching role.

You can do the survey here.

A survey of Scottish mental health professionals’ autism knowledge

David Myers is doing an online survey looking at autism knowledge and self-confidence in working with autistic people, among clinical staff working in mental health settings within NHS Scotland. You can take part if you currently work in NHS Scotland in a mental health-related setting.

Do the survey here.

Understanding the attitudes of social care professionals toward autistic people

Jen Dow is looking at attitudes towards autistic people held by social care professionals in Scotland. You can take part if you work in social care in Scotland.

Find the survey here.

For all of our surveys, your time and consideration is much appreciated! Contact details for each student and their supervisor is available within each of the links provided above.