New open-access position paper on Social Prescribing for Autistic people


Sep 04

Social Prescribing (SP) is the referral of patients to non-clinical services for practical, physical or psychosocial support. Recent guidelines from the National Health Service England mean that SP will become commonplace for people with complex healthcare needs. Autistic adults make up 1% of the population and commonly have co-existing physical and mental health conditions, therefore they are likely to be referred to SP services. As yet, no studies have examined the efficacy of SP for autistic adults. In this letter, we review the existing literature examining the efficacy of SP in the general population. We further examine the factors that should be considered when offering SP to autistic adults in order to optimise outcomes.

Researchers: Rebecca A. Charlton , Catherine J. Crompton , Amanda Roestorf , Christopher Torry , The Autistica Physical Health and Ageing Study Group

First published: 27 April 2020

Open access article available here: